Design Retainer: Fee based upon a budget for your new kitchen cabinetry.  This fee allows for a specific comprehensive design set of drawings detailing the entire scope of work.  Additionally a sample door is built to speciification in exact materials and finish.  This sample with a collection of all other elements including hard surfaces, counters and decorative hardware are brought together for a final signature approval.


Proposal:  Comprehensive pricing estimate based on a conceptual drawing with a proposed cabinetry style and design intent, including a family of finsih directives to arrive at a fair value estiamte of the cabientry for your new space. 


Estimate:  Introductary review of the project addressing persoanl goals and establishing a benchmark in materials and service to arrive at a budget for the cabinetry for your new space.

The excitment of designing a new space is a joyful experience and I tend to get carried away and say:

        I love this color

        I love this detail,

        This molding shape is perfect,

        Oh! we have to push this cabinet back so it is flush cleaning up the design

        We created an awesome accessory to store those special pots and lids for easy access 

Getting carried away from using quality materials,  understanding transitions, and knowing the fact that the craftsman that are building your kitchen are passionate in their work, 

So I may need correction when I use these words of love, perfect and awesome, for as beautiful as a space we can create there is nothing I love more than God and what he has done for me by sending his perfect Son to redeem me and how awesome is that!

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Matthew Vosburg

phone  702-348-9417


                current lead times


Scheduling deliveries depends on complexity of project including sourcing of unique materials


Signed Design Approvals

Delivery  8-10 weeks -


Architectural Specific, Log Sourced Veneers, Custom Metal Fabrication and Hand Sourced Materials 

November   10- plus weeks


Preplanning to meet your expectations

The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, Instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed. "Henry Ford"
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